Every Day is a Journey.

The human journey began as our ancestors rose from the seas to the land and took their first steps.

Now we say that the world has become smaller as we've evolved to use tools such as ships and planes, it's hard to tell where daily life stops and a journey begins. In fact, with the massive amounts of information that swoops by us each day, perhaps it's better to say that regular life is in fact a journey. These days, you can go on a trip anywhere in the world if you have a smartphone, a credit card, and a passport, putting us closer to journeys than we have ever been in history.

In the context of a journey, the suitcases and backpacks we stuff with everything we need are practically small homes for ourselves. KUBERA 9981 is like the safe for your valuables that you would have at home. A place to put your important objects, from essentials like your passport and credit cards to cash, tickets, different SIM cards, and even medicine or charms, can act like a protection charm of its own in your life's journey.

about kubera 9981

A Translator of Materials and Fashion

Our world is now filled with objects and information. KUBERA9981's role is not to provide an answer but to help you think about and discover a formula that you can then apply to such a world. Some people may see this as a context, while others may see it as a scientific or experimental process. The constant, though, is its position as an interpreter and translator of the trend that is fashion through both the living material that is leather, as well as its price.

about naming

Thoughts on Trips Found in 81=9×9

The name KUBERA comes from a divine guardian of wealth that appears in Indian mythology. The first 9 (pronounced "ku" or "kyuu" in Japanese) comes from the 9 treasures Kubera holds, while the other 9 comes from being the largest and final digit. 9 is a mysterious number, involved in both Mandalas, as well as in the number of earthly desires said to exist, 108. Multiplying these two numbers gives 81, the Japanese country code, used because we would like to help Japanese people going into the world weave a "9ronicle" ("ku"-ronicle) by acting as their protective charm.

about people

The Beauty of Leather and Seeking Possibility

I have spent twenty-five years of my life with leather. As I have learned more and more about it, the one thing I can truly say is that I know nothing about it. Still, thanks to my long and deep involvement in the act that is creating products from living creatures, I can say that rather than acting as a creator or a businessman, I, alongside leather, have been on my own journey of seeking.

about material

A Material that Makes You Feel Luck and Life

Leather is a living material. Not only because it comes from the skin of an animal, but because it continues to be alive even as a product. This is why I cannot bring myself to love only the finest-quality leather, the way some fanatics do. I feel life coming from every piece of leather, as well as a sense of luck, having encountered a wholly unique material. I believe it is highly meaningful to feel this kind of sense of luck in both journeys and in regular life, as well as to have objects that make you feel that luck.